OOTD: Valentine’s Day!

Now it’s time for my second Valentine’s Day post! There’s not much to explain, the title says it all! Here’s my fun, pink, outfit of the day!


The pink butterfly-sleeve top is from Meijer, and the Simply Vera Wang jeggings are from Kohls.


I didn’t wear many accessories, just a simple gold chain necklace and matching gold heels. I just pulled my hair up into a bun, and then added a little lip gloss to complete the look!


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OOTD: Fall Fashion

Hey everyone! Today’s OOTD consists of my favorite fall fashion items: boots, sweaters, and scarves!


I wore this amazing sweater from Kohls that I absolutely love! It keeps me warm and still allows me to move around comfortably. These jeans from Justice are also a favorite of mine.


I didn’t wear too much for accessories, just a silver headband to add some sparkle and my favorite Taylor Swift scarf. The boots are from Target (sadly they’re not Uggs), even though they don’t have the quality of Ugg boots, they are still super comfy and cost much less!

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OOTD: Mint and Gold

Hello everyone! Today’s OOTD is mint and gold, another one of my absolute favorite color combinations. I wore this outfit the other day and just had to share!


The actual outfit is quite simple but still fabulous! I mean seriously, who can resist mint skinny jeans?! I bought this fantastic pair of skinny jeans from Meijer, and the top from Target.


I just put my hair in a simple half ponytail and let the rest fall naturally.


I absolutely love the accesories with this outfit! This beautiful turquoise statement necklace and the gold bangles are all from the amazing Charlotte Russe, and the white sandals are Liz Claiborne from JCPenney.


For my nails I just did a simple mani using two coats of mint polish (by Studio M) and gold sparkles (All About You by Sinful Colors) alternating sparkle on either the top or bottom half of nail.


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OOTD: 4th of July!

Hey everyone! For this Independence day I didn’t want to go with the ordinary red, white, and blue theme. So, I created this fun summer outfit that while being unique, it will still say 4th of July! (Even though it now does look pretty red, white, and blue themed, it didn’t used to be that way. :))


First of all, isn’t this shirt amazing?!?! It’s a beautiful creamy white with dazzling gold and silver jewels on the front. I absolutely L-O-V-E this shirt and had to beg my sister to let me borrow it (sadly I don’t actually own it myself…). The brand is HeartSOUL from Kohls. Second of all, these white-washed shorts are another favorite of mine! You can find this spectacular pair at JCPenney.


I added some cute accessories like a red bandana and a fun red bracelet to complete the look. I also wore a pair of show-stopper cobalt blue Mossimo heels which I bought from Target.


As you might have been able to tell, this is most definitely one of my favorite outfits ever! So the real question is, did you enjoy it as much as I did? Tell me, I would love to know! Don’t forget to like, follow, and comment below!

And last but certainly not least, have an incredible, fabtastic, sparklicious, 4th of July!


OOTD: Maxi Dress

Today’s OOTD features a fabulous maxi dress. I actually bought this as a skirt, but it was SO long that I can wear it as a sundress with a jacket and belt.


The aqua maxi skirt/dress is from Meijer and the white Arizona jacket is from JCPenney. I braided my hair the night before (into approximately a dozen braids), to give my hair a soft curly look.


I wore a pair of sparkling gold Merona heels (from Target) and painted my nails with a gorgeous gold polish from Zoya. I then added a gold chain belt and a beautiful turquoise statement necklace for the finishing touch!


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OOTD: Bohemian

Hey readers! Today’s post is my bohemian OOTD!


I layered a lacy white top from Charlotte Russe over a black cami and added some whitewashed shorts.


I made a headband braid (see my tutorial here!) and let the rest of my hair blow in the breeze. 🙂


I then added some sweet boots to complete the look! (And a wonder woman pose too… :))


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OOTD: Aqua + Silver = Fabulous!

So here’s what I wore today! When in doubt, pair aqua blues and sparkle and you have my 100% guarantee of looking fabulous!

IMG_1592 - Version 2IMG_1582 - Version 2

I saw this AMAZING aqua blue popcorn shirt and just had to have it. Popcorn shirts are great, they fit anyone, and come in all different colors. I found this one at Walgreens for $6 and there was a huge selection of various styles, cuts and colors. 

I paired the shirt with some simple denim shorts and some fantastic accessories.


I wore my silver stilettos from Charlotte Russe, 9 dazzling silver bangles , and a simple silver necklace. I added a sparkling headband and styled my hair in a messy fishtail braid, it’s beautiful and surprisingly easy! 


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“Vintage Glam” Inspired OOTD

I tried to create vintage, and tried to add a little glam, and here’s the result. Hopefully it turned out well! I was in a bit of a hurry, but here’s my outfit for today!


I wore a black dress (with an amazing skirt!) and paired it with my black pointed low heels. I just wore my hair in a high ponytail (a.k.a. I didn’t have enough time to style it) and added some fun accessories.


I started with a great double-strand pearl choker, it’s one of my favorite necklaces of all time! I then added fabulous black sunglasses, and finished it off with the BEST white watch which can be found at JCPenney.


I completed the look with the AMAZING Sinful Color’s Ruby Ruby, the pictures do not do this polish justice.

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OOTD: Casual but Trendy

Hey bloggers! I wore this very casual outfit today for a quick fun look. Plus, I had to do these shoes 
justice somehow! Or at least try to. 🙂 

I decided not to do anything fancy with my hair, I just added a black headband and let it fall naturally. 


The outfit consists of a black lace top from Charlotte Russe layered over a pink cami. I then added a pair of black shorts (I bought these at Target, but you can find them just about anywhere) and topped it off with the cutest black sequin high tops!

Photo on 4-26-13 at 7.04 PM

The shoes are from Gotta Flurt and you can purchase them on Amazon. I just got them this week, but they are great, super comfy and a total showstopper!

I also added a little twist to the outfit with a cream short sleeved lace top (also from Charlotte Russe) to give the outfit a bright summer feel.


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