About Me

IMG_1339 - Version 2Hey everyone! First off, this blog is little bit of everything. Some beauty, some design, a little music and a lot of how-tos. I love nail art, hairstyles and sparkle! 

I’m a fairly athletic girl, but a designer at heart. I’ve always loved fashion, and even though I may not have the most extensive wardrobe and rarely wear a lot of makeup, I love experimenting with different techniques. I love dancing and performing, I’m obsessed with animals, especially Newfoundlands, I love my cello, and I am a hard-core Swifty and Directioner. I like to think of myself as a more physical/active type of girl, but can be a total girly girl at times and know every single 1D song by heart.

I started this blog only 6 months ago, and I’m so thankful for over 700 views, 60 followers (and counting!) and for all of the likes and helpful tips that so many of you have shared with me! 

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Don’t forget to like my Facebook page! And feel free to comment, ask questions, and request posts by commenting below or emailing me at rainingpineapples247@gmail.com 



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