6 Months Of Blogging! + October Favorites!

Hello to all of my amazing readers! First of all, the end of October celebrates the 6 month anniversary of Raining Pineapples! In these past 6 months I have achieved 55 incredible followers, over 200 likes, and nearly 700 views! So, a huge thank you goes out to all of you that have liked, followed, and visited my blog!

Now onto my October favorites! These are just a few things that I am absolutely in love with this chilly fall season.

1. Sweaters!


It’s officially sweater weather! This year I couldn’t find any sweaters that fit me, so I borrowed one from my sister and also bought an amazing sweater from Kohls.

2. Halloween!


There are two things I love about Halloween: costumes, and pumpkins. This year I had a very last minute costume, 60’s style hair along with a great faux leather jacket and skinny jeans. Kind of random, but I thought it worked pretty well. I also LOVE carving pumpkins. This year I just drilled holes all around my pumpkin, very simple but the result was fantastic!

3. Homemade Everything!


Fact: Homemade anything tastes incredible! (As long as you follow a good recipe, and nothing catches on fire…). This month I have enjoyed yummy homemade cookies, cake, ice cream, and poppy seed muffins (my personal fave!), and I can’t wait to bake even more!

Well, that’s it for today! Have a splendid Halloween and don’t forget to like and follow my blog!



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